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Fumaric acid

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【Product name】:Fumaric acid

【Chemical name】:Anti butylene diacid


【Chemical molecular formula】:C4H4O4【Chemical structural formula】:

【Chemical molecular weight】:116.07

【Physical properties】:A colorless or white crystal or powder, soluble in water and ethanol, soluble in cold water, ether, and benzene, easily soluble in hot water.


Product Detail

【Product content (by C4H404)】:99.5-100.5%

【Maleic acid content】: ≤0.10%

【Heavy metals (by Pb) content】:≤2ppm

【Arsenic (As) content】: ≤2ppm

【Melting range】:299~302℃

【Packing】:25kg/ cardboard round barreled, lined with polythene bag

【Keep in storage】:Avoid light, closed, dry and cool.


Function % Applying

Fumaric acid for the production of unsaturated polyester resin, such resins are characterized by good resistance to chemical corrosion, good heat resistance; fumaric acid and vinyl acetate copolymer is a good adhesive, and styrene copolymer is the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, fumaric acid obtained by plasticizers non-toxic, can be used for contact with food vinyl acetate latex. The product is a medical and optical bleaching agent fine chemicals intermediates in the pharmaceutical industry for the antidote two mercaptosuccinic acid production of fumaric acid with sodium carbonate and sodium fumarate, obtain ([17013-01-3]), and then replaced with ferrous sulfate from ferrous fumarate, is used for drug treatment of iron rich blood red blood cell anemia. The product as a food additive - sour agent, used in soft drinks, fruit candy, jelly, ice cream and so on, and most of the citric acid and monosodium salt, fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide reaction made, also used as a sour condiment, is also used as an intermediate in the synthesis of resin, mordant.

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