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L- malic acid

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【Product name】:L- malic acid

【Chemical name】:L- hydroxy succinic acid


【Chemical molecular formula】:C4H6O5【Chemical structural formula】:

【Chemical molecular weight】:134.09

【Physical properties】:White crystalline or crystalline powder with strong hygroscopicity and soluble in water and ethanol.


Product details

【Product content (by C4H605)】:≥99.0%

【Fumaric acid content】: ≤0.10%

【Heavy metals (by Pb) content】:≤20ppm

【Arsenic (As) content】: ≤2ppm

【Sulfate content (by SO42) 】:≤300ppm

【Chloride content (by Cl)】:≤100ppm

【Specific spin luminosity[α]20】:-2.3°

【Melting range】:101~103℃

【Packing】:25kg/ cardboard round barreled, lined with polythene bag

【Keep in storage】:Storage of light, closed, dry and cool.

【Statement】:The above data is a general description and is not a constraint on the contract or order.


L-The health effect of malic acid

L- malic acid has an important physiological function. It can directly enter the three carboxylic acid cycle and participate in the metabolism of human body. Its specific health effect is:

1、Malic acid can directly participate in the metabolism of human body and be absorbed directly by human body because of its special position in the material metabolic pathway. It can provide energy to the body and eliminate fatigue in a short time, playing an important role in resisting fatigue and restoring physical strength..

2、The normal operation of metabolism can make all kinds of nutrients decompose smoothly, and promote the absorption and metabolism of food in the body. Low calorie can effectively prevent obesity, and it can play a role in losing weight.

3、Adding malic acid to the drug can increase its stability and promote the diffusion and absorption of drugs in the human body.

4、L- malic acid can promote the metabolism of ammonia, reduce the concentration of blood ammonia and protect the liver.

5、L- malic acid as one of the basic components of heart disease, is used for supplement of K+ and Mg2+. It maintains myocardial energy metabolism and plays a protective role in ischemic myocardium of myocardial infarction.

6、L- malic acid is a stabilizer for calcium lactate injection. It can also be used as a precursor of anticancer drugs and as an animal growth promoter.

7、It can improve the energy metabolism of brain tissue and adjust the neurotransmitter in the brain, which is beneficial to the recovery of learning and memory function, and has a significant improvement on learning and memory.

8、L- malic acid is an ideal inhibitor of glutamic acid decarboxylase, which can reduce sleep and increase excitability.

9、L- malic acid has protective effect on human vascular endothelial cells and has a resistance to the effect of endothelial cell damage.

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