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DL-malic acid

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【Product name】:DL-DL-malic acid

【Chemical name】:2-Hydroxy succinic acid


【Chemical molecular formula】:C4H6O5【Chemical structural formula】:

【Chemical molecular weight】:134.09

【Physical properties】:White crystalline or crystalline powder with strong hygroscopicity and soluble in water and ethanol.


Product details

【Product content (by C4H605)】:99.0~100.5%

【Fumaric acid content】:≤1.00%

【Maleic acid content】:≤0.05%

【Heavy metals (by Pb) content】:≤10ppm

【Arsenic (As) content】:≤2ppm

【Burning residue】:≤0.10%

【Water insoluble matter】:≤0.10%

【Specific spin luminosity[α]20】: -0.10~+0.10°

【Melting range】:127~132℃

【Packing】:25kg/Paper bag

【Keep in storage】:Storage of light, closed, dry and cool。

【statement】:The above data is a general description and is not a constraint on the contract or order.



The palate of malic acid is close to natural juice and has a natural fragrance. Compared with citric acid, malic acid has greater acidity (sour taste is 20% stronger than citric acid), lower heat output, softer taste (higher buffering coefficient) and longer detention time. The corrosion damage is weak, and the wear of the tooth enamel is small, which does not damage the mouth and teeth. Malic acid is a new generation of food acidity, which is known as &ldquo in the biological and nutritional fields; the most ideal food acidity agent ” It is widely used in many kinds of foods, such as wine, beverage, jam, chewing gum and so on. It has become the third place food sour agent after citric acid and lactic acid. It is one of the most widely used organic acids in the world food industry.

The taste and flavor can be improved by adding malic acid in cool drinks, powder drinks, lactic acid drinks, milk drinks and juice drinks. Malic acid with two peptide synthetic sweetening agent aspartame, add flavor soft drinks as a fixing agent. As its acid flavor is better than citric acid, the application of malic acid in the food industry has gradually replaced citric acid in recent years. When there is a certain amount of pectin and sugar, acid is the key condition for the formation of the gel. Malic acid can make the pectin gel effect, so it can be used to make fruit cake, jelly gel jelly and puree etc.

Contains natural moisturizing ingredients of malic acid, can be easily dissolved in &ldquo bonding between drying flake of dead cells; stickies ”, which can clear the skin surface wrinkles, make skin tender, smooth and elastic, so favored in cosmetic formulations.

One of the raw materials for the synthesis of malic acid can be used as detergents, fluorescent whitening agent. Polyesters and alkyd resins produced with malic acid are a kind of plastic with special purpose. Malic acid can also be used as industrial cleaning agent, resin curing agent, synthetic material plasticizer, feed additive, etc.

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